Thursday, January 23, 2014


I was very surprised by this movie.  I did not think that I would like it.  Joaquin Phoenix has made some strange movies prior, so I thought this would be another one.  

It was set in the near future, the clothes people wore were familiar yet different. The locations they chose appeared futuristic but they were just existing places mashed together.  

 The main character is a personal letter writer, an interesting occupation.  He ends up falling in love with his new operating system, voiced by Scarlett Johansen.  The OS takes the name Samantha.  Some characters think nothing of the idea that he fell in love with his OS, but his ex-wife thinks it is weird.  He actually goes on a double date with his OS and another couple.  

The whole relationship falls apart when the OS outgrows Phoenix's character.  At one point the OS is talking with another AI/OS with the name Alan Watts, the name of a western Buddhist philosopher.  The OS begins having relationships with other people, ending up falling in love with hundreds of other people at the same time.

This film was a well put together science fiction movie, probably the reason I liked it so much.  Also because the movie raises so many questions about love, artificial intelligence, and simulations.  I recently read an interesting comment that said that the first person that copied did something very original by copying.  I usually think of technology as a tool, not something to fall in love with.  In one way the film was like a man falling in love with a hammer or screwdriver.  

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Hobbit: the desolation of Smaug

This is the second installment on the Hobbit trilogy.  This part was much more exciting than the first, which was mostly the gathering and setting out on the journey from the Hobbit's perspective.  This was more the dwarf perspective.  Also Stephen Colbert makes a cameo, which was fun to see.  

The Orcs, spiders, and even Sauron's depictions were spectacular.  There was some clumsiness with the key at the secret entrance to the mountain that was surprising, looked like a rubber hand turning a key.  Maybe they should've focused more on the key and the key hole, and left out the hand.  But that is a small complaint for such a great job they did on this engaging film.  A very action packed movie.  

Thursday, December 19, 2013


We watched this one today.  The last movie with Paul Walker set in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina.  Sad movie with Walkers's character's wife dying during childbirth, the child being born prematurely and needing a respirator, the drama coming from the electrical issues caused by hurricane Katrina.  Of course some looters come into the hospital and Walker's character has to shoot them.  Louisiana, the home of David Duke.  All in all it was a very sad movie.  Thinking about Walker acting mournful.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Hunger Games 2

So this is the second part of the Hunger Games trilogy.   I have not read any of the books.  This film was entertaining with Jennifer Lawrence and Woody Harrelson playing interesting roles.  The film made me think about the disparity between the wealthy and everyone else in The US.  It ends with the beginning of some planned rebellion.  It is kind of awkward when one of the characters knows nothing about a planned rebellion but then shuts the Hunger games down.

Saturday, November 30, 2013


My mom was from Nebraska.  Sidney, Nebraska, a small town in the Southwest corner of the state.  If you wanted to fly there you would fly to Denver, then rent a car a drive Northeast to Nebraska.  I've been there a few times.  The last time was when my grandfather Louis Bert Neuman died.  I think that was 1989.  So that is mostly why I went to this movie.  And Will Forte in a serious role was interesting.  I really liked the mother in this movie, she reminded me of my mom.  Being "honest" often means just saying what's on your mind, which goes against the idea of if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing.  It also reminded me of my mother as she was losing her memory I would often just go along with her ideas because it was too exhausting to correct her.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Delivery Man

This is Vince Vaughn's latest movie.  I enjoyed it.  Funny in parts and touching in others, they even squeezed a tear out of me.  It is the story of a guy that sells his sperm and it is used to conceive over 400 hundred people.  These people all file a class action suit to find out the identity of their father.   Vaughn's character stumbles into a meeting with all the people that are his kids that leads to a touching moment.  I think maybe they used montages with music a little too much, and the legal stuff was kind of silly.  But other than that it was a fun movie.  They wrap it up with Vaughn becoming a father one more time and all the half siblings being around for the moment.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thor: the dark world

Good god y'all.  Thor the god of thunder that carries a big hammer fights bad guys.  And a love story too.  Gosh Natalie Portman, who doesn't fall in love with her?  She should be in a movie about a guy that doesn't fall in love with her.  That would be interesting.  Also, they should start testing for performance enhancing drugs in Hollywood.  Chris Hemsworth is a beast.  Come on Congress hold some hearings a la steroids in beisbol.  Any awards won will have to have an asterisk.  I have to admit I was tricked by Loki and Thor's act at the critical moment, you think Loki is the bad guy.